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Our Mission

In these challenging times, we at Midas, located in Tel Aviv Israel,

remain steadfast in our mission to bring joy through our kosher & vegan friendly,  chocolate and dessert creations. The gravity of the current situation in our homeland deeply affects us all. Our thoughts are with our fellow Israelis who have been evacuated, the brave individuals on the front lines, and families grieving the loss of loved ones.

To make a meaningful difference right here in Israel, we’re launching a donation-driven initiative. When you generously contribute to this cause, you’re not just funding personalized care packages designed to uplift those enduring hardships. You’re also supporting the sustainability of our business, helping us keep our doors open to further add sweetness in these trying circumstances.

Together, let’s create moments of brightness and foster a sense of community in our

homeland during these unprecedented times

each  donation will help us bring sweetness to Israel and saving our small business

we will make sure to contact & deliver to those in need of a little more
sweetness in these bitter times

We deeply appreciate your ongoing trust, generosity, and support.

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